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Basement Flooding Services

We Have Over Twenty-Seven Years Residential and Commercial Experience With Basement Waterproofing Services

Basements are wonderful rooms to have in a home, and you can turn them into pretty much anything. You can use your basement as storage or turn it into an extra guest room, entertainment center, office, library or whatever your heart desires.

One of the worst things that can happen to you as a homeowner with a basement is to experience leaks or even a flood inside your basement. Not only does fixing these issues become pricy, but it can also damage your valuables in the process as well as weaken the structure of your home, which can lead to many more serious problems.

Luckily, there are professionals who solely focus on providing you with expert basement services. TRIAD Basement Waterproofing is a top basement waterproofing company that has been serving Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington D.C. for more than 27 years.

Protect and Improve Your Home with These Services

Basement Crack RepairBasement cracks are issues that every homeowner will deal with at one point or another. Cracks should never be ignored as they will only grow bigger and can cause other issues. Regardless of the issue, the experts at TRIAD can easily and efficiently fix any and all basement cracks.

Basement Drainage – There is nothing worse than walking into your basement and finding your furniture and belongings floating around in an unwanted pool of water. Whether you have small puddles of water accumulating in your basement or a full-fledged flood, we guarantee that we will clean out the room, drain it, dry it out, sanitize it and fix the problem that led to the flood in the first place.

Basement Flooding – Basement flooding is often caused by a damaged foundation, which allows groundwater to make its way into your home and floods your basement. TRIAD has everything it takes to get your home back in fantastic shape and to ensure your basement remains in great condition for many years.

Basement Flood Cracks – Basement flood cracks are a sign of shifting or settling foundation and could result in leaking or flooding in your home. Whether it’s a new sealant or installing a pressure relief drainage system, TRIAD has what it takes to fix the problem and ensure lasting results.

Basement Mold – Mold and mildew are more than just an inconvenience; they can cause serious health issues for you and your family. Mold grows in humid and moist environments such as leaky basements. TRIAD will thoroughly inspect your home for mold, remove it and sanitize the area to make sure the mold doesn’t grow back.

Basement Sealing – Basement sealing is an important part of keeping your home warm and dry. This is an excellent investment for the future of your home and TRIAD can handle this project professionally and in the most affordable way possible.

Basement Waterproofing – Basement waterproofing is something that should be implemented before you experience basement issues. There are various methods of waterproofing to consider such as sealants, coatings and drainage systems.

Concrete Driveways – Concrete driveways are the norm in residential construction. They are relatively easy to install with long-lasting results. Given the right weather conditions, concrete driveways can be poured and cured in a few days, and will last for years barring any extreme circumstances.

Concrete Floor Sealer – A concrete flood sealer is a great way to boost you home’s moisture barrier and ensure that your home stays dry. If you have leaking issues in your basement a concrete floor sealer may help solve the issue.

Concrete Repair – Repairing damaged concrete in your basement can stop leaks, moisture accumulation and floods in your basement. TRIAD experts will effortlessly repair any damaged area and ensure it doesn’t allow any more water into your basement.

Concrete Resurfacing – Concrete resurfacing is the best way to fix any damage to a concrete surface and enhance the aesthetics of the cement. TRIAD uses a heavy-duty epoxy-based system that will effortlessly upgrade the look of your floor as well as increase its resiliency to stains and minor imperfections.

Concrete Waterproofing – If you have been experiencing flooding, cracks or moisture issues in your basement it might be time to waterproof the concrete in the area. TRIAD offers outstanding concrete waterproofing that lasts.

Drainage Solutions – TRIAD offers various drainage solutions and systems to ensure that even if water does seep into your basement that it will be quickly shown out and away from the foundation of your home.

Egress Windows – Purposefully designed for easy opening during an emergency, egress windows provide an escape route, but they also allow natural light and airflow into subterranean living spaces. Building codes have evolved to include the requirement of egress windows in all new construction.

Foundation Repair – If the foundation of your home is weak it will surely allow water to seep into your home. TRIAD will thoroughly inspect your property and fix any foundation and structural issues to ensure your home stays warm and dry.

Leaky Basement – Don’t tolerate a leaky basement, the problem will only get worse. The experts at TRIAD will devise a customized plan of action to fix your leaky basement.

Structural Repair – A foundation is meant to support a structure. If the foundation or structure is weakened water can easily make its way into the property. TRIAD will inspect and fix the foundation and the structure to keep your property strong and dry.

Sump Pumps – Sump pumps are used to collect water and pump it away from a home. TRIAD can expertly install a sump pump in your basement to collect any leaked water and to keep your home dry.

Waterproof Foundation – TRIAD will waterproof the foundation of your home and install drainage systems to ensure that no water or moisture leaks into your home.

Wet Basement – There is nothing worse than a wet basement. Regardless of the problem causing the leak inside your home the experts at TRIAD will employ any and all techniques necessary to fix your basement issues.

If you have any questions about the services offered by TRIAD Basement Waterproofing don’t hesitate to contact the experts at 1-888-279-8819 or at 301-279-8819. We would be more than happy to inspect your property, provide you with an estimate and fix any and all of your basement problems.