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Basement Crack Repair

Basement crack repair is something that no one wants to discover, but it is something that you as a homeowner will probably have to deal with eventually. If you do find yourself in need of basement crack repair, it is definitely not something that you want to ignore. Most cracks start small, but they do not get smaller; they get bigger. And if the crack you discover is not leaking yet, it will eventually.

What causes a basement wall or floor to crack? Actually there are a few reasons:

All of those reasons could be at least part of the reason you require basement crack repair, but the most common underlying problem is hydrostatic water pressure. This means that there is water outside the walls and under the floor of your basement, and it is constantly exerting pressure. The water could come from rain water not being properly diverted away (as mentioned above), or it could just be the surface water that is running down the outside of the basement walls. In some cases, water can just accumulate naturally next to the foundation, in the soil. That soil is called backfill. Backfill, by nature, is less dense than the other soil on your property. Therefore, it is very common for water to build up there.

Whatever the reason, the water outside your basement walls and under the floor is exerting a constant pressure on the concrete. This pressure is a very strong force that never lets up. So at some point you will find a tiny leak of water running down the wall, or a little puddle of water on the floor. Brush the water away, and you will see the crack. You will probably notice that the water flow from the crack becomes heavier during a rainstorm and for about an hour afterward; that just means the hydrostatic pressure is higher.

When you discover a basement crack, repair is obviously the solution. But how? If you go to the hardware, you will see the shelves lined with coatings and sealants and other chemical agents that all claim to stop leaks, repair cracks, and even waterproof your basement. You may even see a concrete block on display to show how there is water on one side of the block, and the other side (coated with the sealant) is completely dry. This demonstration leaves out one important component: pressure. In reality, none of these items really provide a long-term solution for basement crack repair. Many people will try them first, because they are the least expensive option. But they are at best only temporary.

The real solution is to eliminate the water pressure that is constantly being exerted on the basement walls and floor. That is what we can do. Basement crack repair is our area of expertise, and we can analyze your situation to tell you exactly what needs to be done and what the cost will be. Give us a call for a free estimate.

We offer basement crack repair throughout Maryland: Rockville, Frederick, Silver Spring, Bethesda, Potomac, Chevy Chase, Columbia, Gaithersburg, Ellicott City and Laurel. We also offer Basement crack repair in Virginia: Fairfax, Vienna, Falls Church, Arlington and Mclean.