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Waterproof Foundation

A waterproof foundation is an important part of any home, and part of a successful strategy to eliminate basement flooding and moisture seepage.


A waterproof foundation is critically important for your home – we can make that happen.
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Basement flooding and leaking can be a very unnerving problem, and something that causes many homeowners to worry about the quality of their home’s construction and its ability to withstand poor weather and rising groundwater. Soaked carpet, pooling water as well as trickles and leaks on your basement walls can be very worrying. In some cases poorly waterproofed basements are also prone to crack and shift, which could make your problem feel even more serious.


If you’ve been dealing with a wet, flooded basement, there’s no need to despair. We’ve been helping families just like yours for decades to have the waterproof foundation that they need to ensure their house stays warm and dry. Whether you’re going through leaking and seepage, or full on cracking, shifting and flooding, we’ve got everything it takes to get your home back into great shape. There’s no reason to wait on getting your new waterproof foundation, the problem will only get worse with time. Even if your basement isn’t furnished, flooding can cause a lot of serious problems like musty and unhealthy air, damp joists and other materials, or even unsightly mold growths.


When you choose us for your home’s repairs, you can expect quality results that really last. You’re sure to appreciate our friendly and talented professionals, too, and you’ll be able to tell that they’re dedicated to keeping your home warm, dry and in great condition that lasts. We always perform a thorough inspection of every home, and work hard to correct your home’s problems right at the source. When you choose us for your home’s repairs, you’ll see that we absolutely understand what makes homes leak, and that we’re dedicated to getting to the bottom of your wet basement. Give us a call today for your waterproof foundation!


If you’re looking for a company that can deliver the kind of long lasting results that you need to see, it’s important that you work with someone that’s got experience. We’ve been helping families in our community to fix their homes’ leaky basements for almost three decades, and we’re sure we’ve got what it takes to deliver. Our professionals are dedicated to finding the source of the problem, and to devising an approach to your repairs that’s certain to last.


We will make sure that your home has a waterproof foundation –
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Whether it’s installing pressure relief drainage systems or applying quality sealants and a waterproof foundation, we’ve got the techniques that are bound to work for your home. We’re happy to help customers in either the residential or commercial sectors, and every one of our services comes with a transferable lifetime warranty. If you’ve been having flooding or leaking trouble with your home’s basement, don’t wait to get in touch with us. Call us now!


  • In business for twenty eight years
  • Serving the residential and commercial sectors
  • A waterproof foundation that keeps your home warm and dry
  • Friendly, professional and well trained technicians


We know that it takes more than hard work and decades of experience to be the best choice for your home’s needs. That’s why we’re so focused on delivering the absolute best customer service that we can to every one of our valued clients. When you choose us to take care of your leaky or flooded basement, you’re choosing quality that lasts. Call us today!


We will make sure you have a waterproof foundation in Maryland: Rockville, Frederick, Silver Spring, Bethesda, Potomac, Chevy Chase, Columbia, Gaithersburg, Ellicott City and Laurel. We also work in Virginia: Fairfax, Vienna, Falls Church, Arlington and Mclean.