6 Common Causes of Basement Moisture

Choose Triad for Your Basement Waterproofing

When investigating the cause of moisture in your basement, you can start with looking into the most common causes.

Basement Moisture in Gaithersburg, MD

Interior Water Leaks

If you are worried about an interior water leak springing up in the future, consider Triad’s interior waterproofing services. These methods are typically the easiest and most affordable ways to secure your basement. Our team will fix leaks and employ sealants to keep your basement dry for years to come.

Ineffective Grading

Whether your moisture problems stem from ineffective grading or another outside source, our exterior waterproofing services can help.

Missing or Defective Gutters and Downspouts

Proper drainage is essential for keeping your basement dry. We can help you find the perfect gutter, downspout, and drainage system to fit your home’s needs. We’ll get your basement dried up in no time.

Cracks in Your Foundation

There is no reason to live with the dangers of water damage existing beneath you. Choose Triad Waterproofing for your foundation repair and join the countless Maryland homeowners who have enjoyed the peace of mind that accompanies our services.

Poor (or Missing) Drain Tile and Sump Pits

Installing proper subsurface drainage can be a large and invasive project. Since drain tile and sump pit options work below the foundation of your home, installing or repairing them often requires digging up existing flooring. Professionals should always complete this complex task. That is where your trust Triad Waterproofing can be your best answer!


If you are struggling with condensation and excess moisture in your basement, you’ve come to the right place. For more than 27 years, Triad Waterproofing has helped Maryland homeowners like you with condensation issues like the ones you’re facing today.

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