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Ineffective Grading Issues in GaithersburgChoose Triad’s basement waterproofing services if your Gaithersburg, MD home suffers from ineffective grading. The ground around your home can cause water to slope either toward or away from the foundation of your house. If your property has ineffective grading, poor drainage may be responsible for the moisture in your basement. If you suspect ineffective grading may be causing water to enter your basement, it is crucial to call Triad Waterproofing. Unwanted water in your basement can have devastating effects on the health of your family and the foundation of your home.

Structural Repercussions of Water in Your Basement

We all know unwanted water in the basement can be a real pain, but it may be a more serious issue than you realize. The entirety of your home rests on the walls of your basement. When water damages them, it weakens the foundation of your home. A poor foundation can lead to further damage to the structural integrity of your house. If left unattended, water in your basement can cause irreversible damage to the entire structure.

Health Hazards Caused by Wet Basements

When water infiltrates your basement, your home is at risk, but the effects on your health could be even more distressing. Since basements are dark and damp in nature, excess moisture in that environment creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. When these bacteria become airborne, it can cause infections and serious respiratory issues. If your basement isn’t properly sealed, these bacteria can spread to other areas of your home. Even more common, mold and mildew pose a slew of health hazards to you and your family. The mold that develops in wet basements releases spores into the air that can cause headaches, respiratory illnesses, asthma, and more severe conditions.

How to Spot Water in Your Basement

Although standing water in your basement is an issue, the signs of a wet basement are not always so obvious. Water from ineffective grading is most likely entering your basement from a weakness in the walls. Keep this in mind when investigating the moisture in your basement. If you have noticed any of the following, it is time to call Triad Waterproofing for help drying your basement:

  • Water trickling out of walls
  • Puddles of standing water on floor
  • Walls that are saturated or have rings of dampness
  • Condensation on walls, floors, or other surfaces
  • Stained or blistering walls
  • Deteriorating wood or carpet
  • Rotting columns, headers, or joints
  • Odor of mold or mildew
  • Damp, humid air

Ineffective Grading Causes Unwanted Water in Basements

The ground around the foundation of your home can have a large impact on the amount of rain or groundwater that leeches into your basement. Your grading should slope away from your home, not towards it. When rain and groundwater slope in the wrong direction, the water accumulates at the foundation of your home. Eventually, that water will make its way inside, causing your basement to receive excess moisture. This issue could be due to the dirt around your foundation not being properly compacted. When the dirt settles, the slope can change and cause poor drainage.

Fixing Your Home’s Ineffective Grading

To prevent this problem from continuing, you will need to fix your home’s ineffective grading. The solution is relatively simple. It involves reversing the slope around your foundation. You will need to build up dirt around the foundation of your home. Create a slope away from the house. It is best to extend the slope for at least six feet. The slope should raise one inch for each foot. Our Triad Waterproofing team can walk you through the process if you suspect ineffective grading is responsible for your wet basement.

Triad’s Exterior Waterproofing Services

Whether your moisture problems stem from ineffective grading or another outside source, our exterior waterproofing services can help. Exterior waterproofing is generally more involved than interior fixes. Often the soil surrounding a home is removed so that sealant may be applied to the exterior walls. The benefit of these services lies in the guarantee that they last for the building’s lifetime. Once your home has been sealed by our expert waterproofing team, you shouldn’t have to worry about outside water sources dampening your basement.

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