My wife and I would like to thank Mike, Mark, and the crew of Triad for outstanding professionalism and honesty in the work they did for us. It was a large job and they brought in the right amount of labor and got the job done as promised!!! In today’s market there is allot too be said for that.

I would highly recommend Triad’s service with confidence to anyone thinking of waterproofing. I know now, if my wife and I choose to build a house we will call Triad pre foundation knowing our basement WILL STAY DRY.

Nelson | Hagerstown, MD

With the comfort of a few weeks of complete dryness in my basement and the benefit of a little hindsight, I wanted to circle back with you and express my sincere gratitude for the thoroughly professional manner in which you assessed and repaired the challenging water leak in my basement.

When you first stopped by to look at the problem and you made a recommendation that was far less draconian than other potential fixes (and certainly far less remunerative for Triad) and you couched your recommendation in terms of what you would do if it was your house, I immediately had a comfort level with you and your expertise.

I am grateful to you for your candor in recommending an incremental approach to addressing the problem and I am confident not only that we have successfully resolved the problem but that I hired the right company for the job. Furthermore, in the unlikely event that your incremental fix did not permanently resolve the problem, there is still no other expert who I would trust to take the repair process to the next level. Thank you.

Steve S. | Potomac, MD

I selected Triad after meeting reps from several companies, partly because you use carbon-fiber technology but also because you displayed experience not just with waterproofing but with many different forms of home maintenance.

My basement was finished on Thursday and tonight (Sunday)I went downstairs and saw that my back and side walls are no longer bowing. That’s the ultimate proof that you all are good at your jobs! Your staff is quiet, competent and friendly.

They worked together well and instilled a sense of confidence in me. The job was done quickly, well, and with a minimum of mess.

You were gracious when the basement turned out to be in much worse shape than we had imagined and you came to me with a work plan and a reasonable change to your initial quote. This was a situation where a less honest firm could have extracted a much larger sum since I was really at your mercy! In short, Triad did excellent work in a professional manner and at the best price I could find in the area. I thank you sincerely for giving me my basement back.

Christine T. | Potomac, MD

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