Basement Waterproofing in Your Gaithersburg, MD Home


Foundation Cracks Repaired by Triad Waterproofing

Foundation cracks in your Gaithersburg, MD are cause for Triad’s basement waterproofing services. Water will find a way to infiltrate your basement if there are cracks in the foundation. In fact, cracks in your foundation could even be caused by the water pushing its way into your basement. No matter the cause of your foundation cracks, it is essential they are addressed and repaired promptly so they do not damage your home further. Here at Triad Waterproofing, we take basement waterproofing and foundation repair very seriously. We want to do whatever we can to keep you and your family safe in your home, and that starts with the foundation.

Causes of Foundation Cracks

There are multiple possibilities for the origin of your foundation cracks. When floor joists are not properly connected to the foundation walls, cracks can emerge as the walls move. Water that is improperly draining toward (instead of away from) the foundation can also accumulate and cause hydrostatic pressure that results in foundation cracks. If the soil around your home was not properly compacted, you might be in danger of developing foundation cracks. As the soil sets, cracks can form and allow moisture to seep into your basement.

Basement Moisture, More than Just a Mess

No matter how it finds its way inside, water in your basement is sure to create a mess. Not only are you tasked with identifying the moisture and cleaning up the affected area, you are also in a race against the water causing more damage. When left unattended, water in your basement can cause serious damage to the rest of your home. As the foundation of the house, the basement supports the upper levels of the structure on only its walls. When it comes to moisture infiltrating basements, the walls are often the first to be affected. Especially when you are dealing with foundation cracks, it is crucial to salvage and reinforce the structural integrity of your basement walls.

Identifying Water in Your Basement

There are a few telltale signs that you have excess moisture in your basement. Our team has compiled a list of things to watch for, so you can fix the problem before it escalates. If you notice any of the following, give the Triad Waterproofing team a call today:

  • Standing water or puddles on floor
  • Walls with stains, blistering, saturation, rings of dampness, condensation, or water trickling out
  • Damp, humid air
  • Odor of mold or mildew
  • Rotting structural supports, including columns, headers, and joists
  • Deteriorating carpet or wood

Avoiding Moisture-Related Health Hazards

Once you have identified excess moisture, it is important to request our basement waterproofing and foundation repair services promptly. When left untreated, water in your basement can lead to the development of harmful bacteria, mold, and mildew. Since basements are generally dark, damp spaces, they are perfect breeding grounds for these silent hazards. When bacteria or mold are airborne, they can result in headaches, infection, respiratory illnesses, asthma, and more severe illnesses. Prioritize your family’s health and safety today. Dispel the water in your basement.

Triad Waterproofing Foundation Repair

Repairing the foundation of your home may sound daunting, but Triad Waterproofing is here to help. Our comprehensive foundation repair services will allow you to rest easy knowing you’ve taken care of the problem at the source. Our solutions will vary based on the severity and cause of the cracks. For example, cracks formed by hydrostatic pressure will benefit from repairing the exterior drainage, while structurally induced cracks will likely require different sealant and reinforcement tactics. We take pride in offering full-service solutions that will stand the test of time. We will evaluate the stress points, saturation, age of your home, and more in our initial evaluation. Our team will use this information to make an informed decision about how best to enact your foundation repair.

Maryland’s Trusted Basement Waterproofing Company

Choose Triad Waterproofing for your foundation repair and join the countless Maryland homeowners who have enjoyed the peace of mind that accompanies our services. Our happy customers speak for themselves when they say Triad Waterproofing is the basement waterproofing company they trust. For nearly three decades, we have provided our community members with solutions that improve their lives, their family’s health, and the value of their homes. There is no reason to live with the dangers of water damage existing beneath you. With lifetime transferable warranties and licensed, bonded, and insured services, our family-owned and -operated company is the obvious choice for your Gaithersburg, MD home.

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