About Us

For more than 27 years numerous homeowners in Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland and Pennsylvania have trusted the experts at TRIAD Basement Waterproofing to keep their homes safe, warm and dry and to deliver outstanding basement waterproofing services.

TRIAD focuses on solving basement water problems and has developed state of the art solutions for a wide range of commercial and residential basement problems. The team is committed to delivering high quality service every time and is proud of its success as a top basement waterproofing company.

Walking into a wet or flooded basement in your home is easily one of the worst experiences you can have as a homeowner. While some issues can be easy to fix, and can even be done with a few purchases from your local Home Depot, others require professional assistance from an experienced contractor.

There are also various other issues that arise with wet and leaky basements – such as mold and mildew.

TRIAD believes in the thorough inspection and analysis of your home and will make sure to check out every crevice for problematic leaks and for any mold growth. The best thing about working with an experienced team such as TRIAD is that you get personalized solutions and guaranteed results every time.

What You Can Expect from Triad Basement Waterproofing

Thorough Inspections

Each basement issue is a result of different problems and the best way to fix a problem is to complete a thorough inspection and to find the source. It’s very easy to patch up a leak or to buy some waterproof paint, but if the problem is not fixed at the source then the leak will surely come back.

The most common reason behind leaks and basement flooding is uncontrolled hydrostatic pressure, which means that the water pressure pushing against the foundation of your home is too high and the structure can’t balance it out.

TRIAD Basement Waterproofing offers expert hydrostatic-pressure relief drainage systems and hi-tech sealants to relieve water pressure and lock out mold and mildew.

Custom Solutions

No two basement issues are fixed by the same solution. There are various basement issues that can be experienced, such as:

While these are a few of the most common issues, there are various others that may arise, and each problem must be thoroughly inspected and analyzed before it can be fixed. This is exactly what the experts at TRIAD Basement Waterproofing do.

When you connect with the company, first a professional will visit your home to thoroughly inspect and analyze the problem. Then you will be presented with an evaluation and solution proposal to look over. Should you decide to go ahead with recommended solution you will need to set up an appointment with TRIAD and then a team will come to your home to fix the problem.

Professional Services

TRIAD employs the latest technology, methods and materials to insure that your basement problems are fixed indefinitely. TRIAD can fix small issues such as crack repairs and concrete repair and the team can also assist you through completely cleaning out, fixing and renovating a flooded basement.

Regardless of your basement problems, TRIAD will always provide you with a customized solution, which will fix the problem and keep your home dry year round. Some of the common services offered by TRIAD Basement Waterproofing include:

If you are in need of a service that is not listed, don’t hesitate to connect with the experts at TRIAD to inquire about the services you need for your home.

Lifetime Warranty

All of the TRIAD services carry a transferable lifetime warranty.

TRIAD is a licensed, bonded, insured and professional company that features integrity and is comprised of expert individuals who offer honest estimates and high-quality work. The attention to detail is next to none and when the job is finished the team leaves the work site clean and ready for use.

Whether you are thinking about renovating your basement and you want to resurface the concrete or if you need emergency basement repair the experts at TRIAD will offer a customized plan of action and help you achieve your goals. TRIAD proudly serves the entire state of Maryland as well as Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania.

If you have any questions about TRIAD or about basement services contact an expert at 1-888-279-8819 or at 301-279-8819.