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Triad’s basement waterproofing services can reverse the damage done by poor or missing drain tiles and sump pumps in your Gaithersburg, MD home. Triad Waterproofing ensures Maryland homes new and old are outfitted with the proper subsurface drainage solutions. Trust our team to keep your basement dry, your family healthy, and your home structurally sound. If you suspect poor or missing drain tiles may play an active role in your wet basement, contact us today!

What is Subsurface Drainage Anyway?

Subsurface drainage systems remove all wastewater, rain, and groundwater away from the home, using systems below the basement level. These include drain tile and sump pit drainage systems. If you are currently residing in a classic Maryland home that has stood the test of time, chances are your basement doesn’t have a subsurface drainage system. The basements of many older homes were not intended to function as habitable spaces. Due to this, under-the-floor drainage systems were unnecessary. If you live in a more modern home, the chances of having a drainage system are higher. Unfortunately, these systems can experience issues such as clogged pipes, broken connections, or broken sump pumps.

How Drain Tiles and Sump Pits Work

When installed today, drain tile systems aren’t made of tile at all. Here at Triad Waterproofing, we install systems of porous plastic pipe beneath your home’s foundation. The drain tile collects water before it can enter the crawl space. If your home is on a slope, the drain tile can utilize gravity to direct the water away from the foundation. There’s no need to worry if the ground around your home isn’t optimally sloped. Drain tile systems can also direct the collected water into the sump pit. From there, an electric sump pump will remove it from the house.

Dangers of Poor Drain Tile and Sump Pit

When your home doesn’t have the proper subsurface drainage systems in place, your basement is vulnerable to excess moisture. A wet basement is more than a nuisance. It is a threat to the entire structure of your home. If your lack of drain tile and sump pit system is causing water to infiltrate your basement, the foundation of your home is at risk. Water that leeches into basements due to improper drainage frequently affects the walls. These walls serve as the foundation of your home, supporting the upper levels you use to work, play, and live with your family. Water in the basement is not an out of sight, out of mind issue. The longer you wait to address the excess moisture, the more likely it will have affected the rest of your home.

Spotting Water Before It’s Too Late

Without proper drainage, your basement is undoubtedly exposed to excess moisture. But this moisture can manifest in more ways than just a puddle on the floor. To protect your home and family from the damage of a wet basement, look for the following signs of water infiltration:

  • Walls with water trickling out, saturation at their base, rings of dampness, condensation, stains, or blisters
  • Standing water or puddles on the floor
  • Damp, humid air
  • Deteriorating carpet or wood
  • Rotting structural supports
  • Odor of mold or mildew

Protect Your Family with Proper Drainage

Taking steps to dry your basement and prevent future excess moisture does good for more than the structure of your home. It also supports the health of you, your family, and all who reside in the house. Because basements are typically dark, damp places, any excess moisture makes them the perfect breeding grounds for harmful bacteria, mold, and mildew. After these fungal or bacterial hazards have started to grow, they can become airborne and spread to different areas of your home. When inhaled, bacteria and mold can cause infections, headaches, respiratory illnesses, asthma, and even more severe health conditions. Don’t allow your family’s health to remain at risk. Call Triad’s expert team to find a drainage solution fit for your home.

Professional Drain Tile and Sump Pump Solutions

Unfortunately, installing proper subsurface drainage can be a large and invasive project. Since these drain tile and sump pit options work below the foundation of your home, installing or repairing them often requires digging up existing flooring. Professionals should always complete this complex task. That is why Gaithersburg, MD homeowners trust Triad Waterproofing’s comprehensive waterproofing services for their drainage solutions. While the process requires an initial investment of time and resources, it will pay off in the end. With our limited lifetime warranties and expert guarantee, your home will be safe from drainage issues for the duration of the time you live there. We offer comprehensive solutions for our Maryland customers because we believe you’re worth more than a quick fix.

Triad Waterproofing for Your Drainage Installment & Repair

Here at Triad Waterproofing, we are proud to have served you and your Gaithersburg, MD neighbors for nearly three decades. Our satisfied customers can assure you that our family-owned and -operated company is the best in Maryland for basement waterproofing. Our licensed, bonded, and insured services are completed by waterproofing experts right here in our community. Whether your wet basement is need of a little sealant or an entirely new drainage system, our team can help.

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