• How a Leaky Basement Can Ruin Your Home

    How a Leaky Basement Can Ruin Your Home

    When fall and winter roll around they bring plenty of rain and snow along. When spring comes it brings warmer weather, which in turn leads to heavy snow melts and even more water outside your home. If your home’s foundation is faulty or if there are any cracks in your walls or the cement surrounding your home then there is a very good chance that the water on the outside of your home may end up inside.

    Finding a leak in your home is not fun. Finding a leak in your basement, where you may have stored valuables or renovated a new entertainment center, guest room or office is a nightmare.

    There are many different ways that water can find its way inside your home such as through the windows, wall cracks, the floor, seams between the wall and floor and even clogged rain gutters that can dump water against the foundation of your home increasing the likelihood of a leak. Water usually takes the path of least resistance, which means that it doesn’t have to force its way into your home, it finds its way in through a weak spot.

    Hydrostatic pressure is the real underlying cause of a leaky basement. This means that water continues to build up in the soil outside your basement walls and eventually when the concrete can’t hold it anymore it starts to crack and allows water to enter into your basement.

    Leaky Basement Causes

    Negative Effects of a Leaky Basement

    A leaky basement can ruin your home in so many different ways, but here is a list of the most common ways that flooding can affect your home and your daily routines:

    • A leak in your home will eventually lead to flooding if it’s not taken care of right away. Any kind of water in your home will ruin your floors, carpets, wallpapers, furniture and any other belongings you may have stored in the affected areas.
    • All kinds of bacteria can make their way into your home through a leak, that’s why it is important to disinfect the affected areas as soon as possible after drying out a flooded basement.
    • Moisture creates a breeding ground for mold and that can create very hazardous health issues for your house and your loved ones. Some types of mold, such as toxic black mold can start to grow immediately after a flood.
    • The process of trying to dry out your basement after a flood or a leak will raise the humidity in the room and the air will become very damp. The humidity will also linger because basements usually have poor ventilation and little to no sunlight. This can also contribute to more mold growth.
    • The combination of sitting water in an unventilated room and humidity will cause a very unpleasant odor to make its way through your home.
    • Basement flooding can ultimately ruin the structure and foundation of your home, which in turn can lead to more cracks in the cement, more leaks and more flooding.
    • A leaky basement has the potential to not only lessen the physical appeal of your home, but it can also depreciate its value. This can make it hard to sell your home if you ever want to move. It can also make it hard to qualify for flooding insurance if your basement is prone to flooding often.
    • Any kind of moisture in your basement can ruin drywall, framing and any kind of wood.

    There are many other negative and dangerous side effects of a leaky basement.

    Solve Leaky Basement Problems….For Good

    Homeowners put a lot of money into making their home a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing living space. Many also invest in turning their plain basement into an extra guest room, home theater, and office space or entertainment center. Imagine the heartache of all your hard work and spent money floating around in a pool of murky water after a heavy storm.

    Fortunately, there are solutions to leaky basements as well as preventive measures to help avoid unwanted water in your home and all the negative effects that accompany it.

    Many people will rush to their nearest home improvement store at the sign of a leak and spend money on sealants and waterproof coatings. While this may be a good temporary solution, by the time the next heavy rain fall rolls around the leak will be back.

    Triad Basement Waterproofing has more than 27 years of experience with leaky basements and helping homeowners repair damage to their homes after an unfortunate flood in the basement. If you are worried about a leaky basement and the effects it can have on your home or if you just want to be cautious then contact one of our representatives and we can discuss any services that you may be interested in!