• Causes of Water Seepage and Basement Leaks

    Causes of Water Seepage and Basement Leaks

    Water seepage is one of the most common problems associated with basements. It can lead to an abundance of problems that can ultimately harm your foundation, present breeding grounds for mold, and cost you an excessive amount of money. Basement leaks can be prevented if you know what causes them. The following blog discusses the most common causes of unwanted water in and around your home.

    Water Seepage Culprits

    Basement Leak Repair in Gaithersburg

    As discussed in a previous post, window wells are a prime suspect for unwanted water making its way into the basement. Windows should be free from cracks and properly sealed. If a window well doesn’t have adequate drainage, or the drain is clogged or blocked by debris, water can accumulate in the well. Even with a window free from any defect, without anywhere to go, pooled water will eventually start to seep into undesirable areas.

    A less obvious source of basement leaks can be from the water that occurs naturally in the soil surrounding your house. Heavy precipitation can cause excess water to saturate the soil. This saturation causes expansion. That expansion can wreak havoc on a foundation, with excess water causing cracks that eventually make way for leaks directly into your basement.

    Speaking of cracks in your foundation, floor cracks are another common way for water to seep into your home. Water in the soil surrounding the foundation of your home can not only force its way in through the walls but can come up through floor cracks. Hydrostatic pressure is formed when water pools under the concrete flooring. Since it has nowhere else to go, the pressure forces the water up through any present cracks and into your basement. There are no quick fixes for this kind of water seepage.

    Sump pumps are the best solution for hydrostatic pressure. A hole, called a sump pit, is created in the concrete floor. Once the pit fills with water, the electric pump is activated. The water is then pumped away from the floor and foundation to differing drainage systems or wells. Water will no longer pool under the flooring.

    Water can also make way into a basement through wall cracks that weren’t caused by soil expansion from saturation. Over time, concrete walls expand and contract due to variables beyond our control.

    Basement crack repair can be done many different ways, with a ton of solutions from any hardware store, but we don’t recommend it as a permanent fix. The root of the problem, pressure forcing the water in through the cracks, must be resolved before the crack can be repaired. A repaired crack will continue to allow water to seep into your basement if the underlying water pressure isn’t resolved.

    The space where the wall meets the floor in any room is called a cove joint. This area can also be a contender for leaks and cracks. Since the floor and the wall are different pours of concrete, over time, water can and will make its way through this space and into your home with the presence of excess water. While it can be sealed, this is only a temporary solution. Water pressure will eventually compromise any sealant and leaks will return. This leak is permanently fixed by repairing the crack on the exterior and interior as well as fixing drainage around the foundation of the home.

    Untreated Leaks

    If water seepage is gone untreated, you potentially allow your basement (and the rest of your house) to become a perfect breeding ground for mold and other hazardous problems. The integrity of your foundation can become compromised. Your belongings can be ruined by water damage. The air in your home can be humid or damp feeling. The overall value of your home and health can deteriorate due to structural or mold damage.

    Don’t Let Your Basement Get Ruined

    At Triad, we take pride in our ability to rid your home of water seepage and repair the damage caused by leaks. We are experts in water damage remediation. Whether you already have evidence of unwanted water in your home, or you would like to be proactive in preventing any future damage, give us a call.

    From problem plumbing to leaky foundations, we can repair and resolve any water damage you may have.

    We are not only licensed, bonded, and insured, but we also offer a lifetime transferable warranty. Our basements can be wonderful extensions of our homes. Let us help you keep yours in top shape.

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